Feel Ready?

Feel Ready? Advent: A time to honor our infant God. A time to look forward to what is to come. A time to reflect on Christ’s humanity and humility. A time to enter the mystery of a new year, a new life in the church. A time to honor Mary the mother of God. A […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s officially the Christmas season here in Dublin and boy, have we been busy! In the past month, House of Brigid Dublin has traveled to Amsterdam, run two or three more catechesis sessions for our First Communion and Confirmation programs, we all have gone on our own respective trips (Emma and her sister to London […]

Humility Is the Key

Down in Wexford, we have had a special number of weeks with the 65th Wexford Festival Opera bringing the arts and much excitement to the streets of our little town. We’ve had the opportunity to see operas, musicals, art galleries and more. But at the same time, the ordinary and the everyday have continued to […]

An Awareness Test

A few weeks ago, our 6th graders took an Awareness Test. In an effort to convey the importance of awareness in our faith, this video prompts viewers to reflect on this idea: It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for. Throughout the last two months, looking for and finding God have been a seemingly easy task. Being […]

Uncertain Steps

Greetings from Dublin! You catch us in the midst of a busy and bustling week (though what else in new?) as we throw on our autumnal, earth-toned jumpers and shuffle briskly into another Irish Fall. There has been quite a bit going on in our neck of the woods, including (though not limited to): the respective […]

New Pathways

  Looking back on the past month and all the hectic and exciting changes that have brought me here to Wexford, I am amazed at the peace I find in my heart. That feeling that comes with knowing deep-down,  you are where you are supposed to be – it’s  indescribable! So much has already taken place. […]

Christ Be Our Light

Three weeks ago, I found myself back on the campus of Notre Dame for House of Brigid orientation. I had graduated just months before, but that didn’t stop the campus from being a flurry of activity and excitement for the new school year about to begin. It felt strange not to be living in McGlinn, […]

A Thousand Thanks

  Dear friends, With the closing of the month of June comes the final blog post for House of Brigid Season 7! Our year-long ministries completed, we have shared teary farewells and fun last nights out on the town with great friends and colleagues in both Wexford and Dublin. I departed Wexford feeling at once both […]

Introducing the New Crop: Teach Bhríde VIII!

Hello all! Geoff here, giving you the latest updates from Teach Bhríde! In February, Brendan and I had the great privilege of traveling to Notre Dame’s campus with Fr. Denis and Sr. Mary to conduct interviews for the next group of Fellows to join the Teach Bhríde family. It was a tremendous group of applicants, […]