The title of this post comes from one of the Superbowl commentators who took us through the game last night (okay, maybe he took some of us only through the first quarter…kickoff wasn’t until 11:30 PM). Overseas channels showing American football tend to get some second-string guys giving the play-by-plays, much to our endless (and […]

Keepin’ on keepin’ on

Hello all! After a great weekend of adventuring with Kurt’s dad and the freedom that a rental car brings, this week marks a fairly busy one for us here in Clonard, especially since we’ll be hosting a workshop for church musicians this coming Sunday. We’ve had 40-something RSVPs, and we’re hoping that it will be […]

Of Beginnings and Banana Liqueurs (NOT banana liquors)

Good Morning! I trust and pray that all of you are having a beautiful Monday, regardless of whether or not it includes some Irish sunshine (only kidding, ours only lasted until about halfway through writing this). It’s just Jess and I in the office at the moment, as both Dan and Molly are enjoying their […]