Busy Times…

Sorry for the lateness of this post…with the Easter holidays behind us, we’ve had a busy week to make up for the time off. The big event of this past week was a youth retreat we gave for the young people of Raheen, about a half hour from our home in Clonard. The children were mostly Confirmation-class age, so we gave an extended version of the Confirmation retreat we’ve done for many of the schools in the diocese. We also had the added bonus of having a few local helpers from secondary school, who were there to be a few extra sets of hands on certain activities.

This week also had us preparing for the final set of sessions for the parish Confirmation programme. Each school’s sixth classes will meet one final time to look back at their Confirmation experience to talk about what it means for the rest of their lives.

Plus! Clarisa’s mom arrived on Wednesday, and her dad arrives today. As always, we love welcoming guests to Wexford, and have had a great time with Momma Ramos so far. Speaking of which, happy (American) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, and especially to ours!