Domeward Bound

I know, I know – you’ve all been going crazy waiting for this week’s blog post.  I apologize that I couldn’t get it up sooner.  However, I’d like to think that my excuse is a valid one.  After all, I’ve been spending the entire week back in South Bend, and I am a tad bit […]

Sneak Peek!

Many of you may be wondering if there’s going to be another Passion Play this Easter, as initiated by Season IV’s Emily.  Well, I hate to break it to you, friends, but there will not be a Passion Play at Clonard this year… Instead, we will be putting on a Resurrection Play, to be organized […]

Sing Out!

An important ministry Teach Bhríde spearheaded back in Season I is music workshops.  We usually host about three a year – one at the diocesan level and two at the parish level.  Last weekend, Season V hosted their first parish-based workshop for a youth choir from the parish of Templetown/Poulfur.  Normally we would travel out […]


This past weekend, each member of Teach Bhríde had the opportunity to speak at one weekend Mass to thank the members of Clonard Parish. Fr. Denis and the parish members blessed us and sent us forth as we near the end of our service year. I thought I’d share with you what we shared with […]