Regina caeli laetare!

(Brendan’s first post!!) Greetings from Hibernia! Our time here at Clonard Parish continues to be filled with activity and excitement! Since our last blog entry we have had our first rehearsal with the Vigil Choir, which was an enormous success under the worthy baton of Maestra Laura Taylor. The choir has exceeded expectations in their […]

For Every Storm, A Rainbow

True-life story – I’m sitting in the middle of Panera Bread back in my hometown laughing out loud at my three drafts (a.k.a. failed attempts) of a “last blog” I began weeks ago in Ireland.  As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it there.  How did my two years of […]

One Month More

Hello, everyone! At this point, we have just one month to go before the end of our service year and our return to the States. When the four of us arrived in Wexford way back in late August 2014, we understood that, following Easter, “The School Sacraments” would be the final push—that Confirmations and First […]

The Play’s the Thing

Many people thought I wouldn’t be crazy enough to try this “Resurrection Play” thing again.  Well, they were right.  I mean, we don’t want to give the same story two years in a row, now, do we?  So, instead, I’m going back to the original idea of the “Passion Play”…! Rehearsals began last week, and […]

To Have Seen Him

I can’t even begin to process all of the feels I’m feeling when it comes to the Resurrection Play.  This was such an incredible experience for me, not only as a House of Brigid volunteer, but also as a theatre artist looking to find her niche in the world.  Drama ministry is the phrase ringing […]

6 for VI

Once upon a time, a certain House Director-in-Training promised her blog readers that she’d introduce next year’s Teach Bhríde team to you in her next blog post.  That was about two or three posts ago…SORRY!  But, the time has now come, and I am happy to announce the moment you’ve all been waiting for – […]

Happy Holy Week!

It’s hard to believe how quickly Lent has flown by, but Holy Week has arrived and Teach Bhríde and the Clonard community are busy preparing a host of liturgies for the Paschal Triduum and Easter celebrations. While organizing and practicing the large amount of music that is included in this week’s liturgies can at times […]