All’s Well On The Wexford Front

Friends, After a joyful (but exhausting) Christmas, some rest, and a lot of travelling, Brigid, Laura, Joy, and I have made it back to our cosy home in Wexford. All of us returned with plenty of stories to share about our travels. Brigid had returned to the States to spend the holidays with her friends […]

‘Tis the Season

Though it’s certainly not an official date, I think most of our American readers would agree that there’s more or less one starting point for the Christmas season. Yes, sometimes we’ll find our way to our Indie Holidays Pandora stations “accidentally” one day in mid-October. And yes, the holiday season lasts for the entire fall […]

Second (and Sixth) Class Citizens

As we’ve mentioned a few times on the blog now, Angie and I spend two days every week working with students in our two parish primary schools. In theory, these school days are pretty uninteresting in their lack of variation. On Tuesdays, we go to the national school and visit both second classes and the […]

Kids from 1 to 92

As the sun sets sooner and air gets colder in Wexford, Teach Bhride’s days continue to get busier and our list of Irish friends continues to grow. The Scoil Mhuire school 5th class has nearly had all of their class masses, the 2nd class first communicants have begun Communion preparation, and each of the four […]

Settling into November

These past few weeks have been so full of activity for us at the Teach that we are a bit behind on our blog schedule. So we apologize! In the last weeks we have begun Teaching Masses for the Kennedy Park First Communion students, provided music for a remembrance service for the Wexford General Hospital, […]

The Peace the World Cannot Give

During our House of Brigid training in May, Joy explained to all of us that the Irish take particular care with reverence for their deceased. Funerals are big-scale affairs, she said, and measures are taken at liturgies throughout the year to remember and respect members of the parish community who have passed away. I doubted this. […]

Supervisor Speed Dating

Much like our friends in Wexford, Angie and I have had a lot going on here in Dublin over the past couple of weeks. At one point last week when we had four visitors in town from ND and no breaks for 48 hours in the go-go-go pace of meetings with them, Angie made the […]

All of the Things

Friends and fans of the House of Brigid, We have A LOT to tell you about this week. First of all, this past weekend was the epic Fortieth Anniversary of our beloved Clonard Parish. In the choir alone, we had about seventy people singing in what we refer to as the “megachoir” as it is […]

Class Mass Season Begins!

During our early days at Teach Bhríde, Father James took me and Ben into Scoil Mhuire to introduce us to the staff and some of the students. We were immediately excited to begin working with the passionate teachers and students. One of the many things Teach Bhríde is able to do in the schools of the […]