Tanks Loads Hun

Here at the House of Brigid, we are all very busy preparing for Thanksgiving, or as the Irish call it, thanks to their delightful accent, “Tanksgiving.” In many ways, this sounds like the Action Movie of Holidays.™ And by that I mean it would definitely not be the best holiday, but it would certainly be a thoroughly entertaining way to spend a rainy afternoon. Everyone would just eat turkey and drive around in their tank that was apparently given to them by someone, I don’t know who, but a generous guy with lots of tanks who also loves holidays maybe? Enough about that though—there are more important things to write about—like our work here, and real Thanksgiving.

Since escaping from Paris, we’ve been hard at work getting back into the swing of things at the Parish through our usual liturgical responsibilities. Jess and I have also been regulars around Kennedy Park school, preparing the students for a class mass at the end of November in honor of All Saints, and teaching Christmas Carols for their annual Christmas pageant. Add to that all the preparations involved with making Thanksgiving dinner for forty of our closest friends, and we have been one busy community.

While it is hard to be away from our families at this time of year (there has definitely been more homesickness around here than usual), we are excited to share our culture and traditions with the people of Wexford, and also to have a chance to thank them for their open-armed welcome they’ve offered from the moment we arrived in Wexford. We will miss our families for sure, but at the same time they have given us so many wonderful traditions that we can now share with others, and for that, we are truly thankful.