Apologies for the lateness of this post! In the midst of our preparations for our workshop on Sunday, I lost track of whose turn it was to blog :/ …sowwy!

Okay, apology over. Our post title this week comes from the title of the week, which Patrick refreshes each Monday. This workshop will include discussions of general hymnody and seasonal psalmody…in general, giving musicians pieces from which they can get a lot of mileage.

In addition, this week included the special treat of a visit to the seminary in Maynooth. One of the seminarians there is originally from our diocese, so invited some of the diocesan priests and the House of Brigid up for the community Mass. On Thursday morning, we all sort of wished we could stay and work on our preparations for the workshop, but were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the campus and town were. None of us had thought to bring a camera, which makes a return trip a necessity…especially so that we can share with all of you how beautiful the college chapel is. Despite our worries about not getting enough done because of the trip, we all immensely enjoyed the liturgy and the company of the seminarians we met at the dinner that followed. And BECAUSE this post is late, I can tell you that there are happy endings all around, since we’re right where we need to be on workshop prep.

So, once again, things turned out better than we ever could have planned.

  • Steve Warner

    I’m so glad you loved Maynooth, Jess! The national seminary is a beautiful place, with grounds that are great to visit and study in. And did you get into the “gunne?”