WE-ARE-COMMUNITY! (to the tune of “We are Family”)

So last week I learned (the hard way) that sometimes Wexford decides to turn off the city’s water and not warn anybody about it. It was like a scene from a movie really. Mid-shower, completely covered in soap, our electric shower freaked out for a good minute (I kind of thought I was going to die) and then the water just plain stopped coming out. Soap suds and all, I scurried to the other shower hoping that it would be normal. It was not. So as I shrieked/died with laughter, my dear housemates tried to gather whatever water was available.  Half-empty water bottles and the leftover water from that morning’s tea kettle all went in to the pitcher. Sweet Carolyn poured it over my head as I knelt by the side of the tub and rinsed all the soap out of my hair! Community WOOO!

Sunday afternoon we provided the music for the Annual Eucharistic Adoration Retreat. This gathering of adorers from across the diocese of Ferns was led by Fr. John Harris, a Dominican priest from County Limerick. Fr. Harris gave two fantastic talks about the necessity of prayer in our lives and the “extravagance” of God and God’s love for us. His delivery was both entertaining and powerful and was a pretty swell way to cap off the weekend.

Here is a picture of us with some of the members of the apostolate group!

This coming week is another busy one as we prepare to give a workshop to parish musicians on General Hymnody and Seasonal Psalmody on Sunday.  Tonight Jess and I also have our first meeting with all of the parents who volunteered to be leaders for the Confirmation program. Pretty exciting stuff! Please keep us in your prayers!