Guten Tag from Wexford

Hello from Wexford – there has been a lot of excitement here over the past few weeks and the best is yet to come! Sacramental preparation is in full swing with First Confession at bat, Confirmation on deck, and First Holy Communion in the hole. (I couldn’t think of any rugby or hurling analogies so I had to stick with the baseball terms!) And if that wasn’t enough, the weeks of Lent seem to have melted away and our music ministry is hard at work preparing for Holy Week. Along with the Lord’s resurrection, this Easter we are looking forward to visits from the Thurow and Barker clans, with Kristen’s parents scheduled to come for the big opera house concert in May. The next rehearsal for that auspicious event is next week, and our progress with the repertoire has been slow but sure. Looking to the immediate future, we are waiting with baited breath for a greatly anticipated visit from Sister Makrina Finlay, our dear friend and host from our Teach Bhride retreat in Germany. I hope your Lent has been as engaging
as ours!

All the very best,