Mary Christmas and a Joy-ful New Year!

As we journey through our last month, I keep getting waves of sadness about leaving this wonderful place and all the friends we’ve made this year. I’ve been trying to focus on how I’m excited to go home and see my family! And eat Arby’s! And give my dog a hug! But I’ve still been feeling pretty down that our year is coming to a close.

But now that Joy and Mary are here… I’m not feeling so sad anymore. I’m excited for Joy and Mary’s year to begin!  We’ve been talking through a lot of the stuff we’ve been doing this past year and it’s been really fun reminiscing and hearing what they think about the programs.  And it’s been great getting to know them and seeing what different gifts they’ll be bringing to the table next year.  Also, it’s very comforting to see all of our work being laid in very capable hands…

I will be moving to France in September (to be close to someone I love very much!) to work as an au pair. Last month I met the family and the current au pair.  After our meeting, Hannah, the current au pair, sent me an email saying she was less sad to have to leave knowing the children were in good hands.  I know how she feels! She loved those children and didn’t want to say goodbye, but she’s excited for me to get to know them and to love them!

And I’m so excited for Mary, Joy, Cameron, and Ben to fall in love with the people of Clonard. I’m excited for all the fun they will have with the school children and with the tea ladies! I’m excited for them to get to know the parish team and for them to begin thinking of them as family. I’m excited for them to think of Wexford as home; and return from a trip feeling relieved to be coming home.  I’m excited for their community life within the house.  They will share many inside jokes, work through conflicts, pray together, and become great friends.  And mostly, I’m excited for them to grow in faith and continue to develop a closer union with God through their prayer, work, and relationships.

This experience has been one of the most wonderful things God has led me to.  I will cherish these next two weeks and I’m already looking at ways to come back and visit. I’ve been hinting to someone that a plane ticket from France to Ireland might be a great birthday present this fall…

So thanks everyone for journeying with me on the blog this year! And Season V… I’m looking forward to journeying along with you come September!

God Bless!