Spinning Plates

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! We celebrated by going to one of our favorite lunch establishments, Toni & Tino’s, for some garlic cheese chips. We may or may not have enjoyed some Snickers ice cream bars as well. For tomorrow we fast! And today we welcome Nick back from his sojourn to the States!
Last Tuesday, Nicole and I gave tours of the church to a few classes from Scoil Mhuire following the St. Brigid’s Day celebration. The kids really enjoyed sharing the stories they knew about St. Brigid, exploring the beautiful sacred space in the main church, and getting a close look at the tapestry in the Day Chapel. The tapestry seems to become more elaborate the closer you look – there are all kinds of shells and different fabrics sewn onto it. My favorites are the crocheted bees on the panel depicting symbols of earth.
Sometimes ministry is like being a plate spinner: we give each project a spin to keep it going, then give our attention to another area of ministry. In the past week, we had a lot of plans in the works. Last Monday, I helped to lead a teacher in-service on Meditation with Children at a school in Gorey. The teachers enjoyed it, and from what I hear the children in the school are enjoying the new practice too! On Wednesday, we met with the diocesan retreat team to put together crafts for upcoming Confirmation retreats, and I recorded a radio show about the Sunday readings. On Friday we met with the ACE community for Mass in Dublin – always a pleasure! RCIA, Passion Play rehearsals, You Shall Be My Witnesses, and all of the church choirs we’re in continue to rehearse and sing at Mass.  Today, Scoil Mhuire’s first 4th class Mass of the year went very well. It’s a good life, if a busy one!
St. Brigid helps us keep our choir folders in order!