Confirmation Affirmations

With our parish’s Confirmations safely behind us, and our wrap-up sessions tonight and tomorrow, and only about 2 more weeks’ worth of Confirmations left in the Diocese, I thought this was a good time to take a look back over some of the feedback we got from participants in our Confirmation retreats this year. At the end of each retreat, we asked the students to fill out an evaluation, and these are just a few of my favorite responses. These retreats, which we helped to conduct as part of the Diocesan Retreat Team, took place in February, March, and April, and served approximately 504 5th- and 6th-class students from 14 schools from all over the Diocese. To see a previous post on the outline of the retreat, click here. Enjoy these bits of feedback, which I think are a great affirmation of a lot of our work!

What one thing did you learn today?

  • that God loves us a lot (Cushinstown)
  • that you are connected and that you are important in everything even if you’re not noticed as much as others (Kilmuckridge)
  • the Holy Spirit is always with us (Curracloe)
  • to welcome the Holy Spirit (Screen)
  • that the world is a community (Monamolin)
  • praying is really relaxing and makes you feel really peaceful (Murrintown)
  • to follow in Jesus’ footsteps (CBS, New Ross)
  • together we can make the world better (Crossabeg)
  • that everybody has a talent that will help someone else (Kilmore)
  • God is all around us and so is friendship (Ballymurn)
  • that each person is important in the church community (St. Joseph’s, New Ross)
  • one small thing can hold a big group together (Kennedy Park, Clonard)
  • everybody can change the world a little bit even if you don’t realize it (Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts)
  • how much God loves you and to always have a pray time and the Spirit is in you no matter what (The Faythe)

What did you find helpful?

  • how you explained teamwork etc in activities (Cushinstown)
  • The songs helped me learn about the Confirmation. (Cushinstown)
  • I found the meditation time helpful, because it was a time to think about what God does for us. (Kilmuckridge)
  • giving each other compliments (Curracloe)
  • the way they explained everything well (Screen)
  • the variation of the day (Monamolin)
  • that the leaders explained everything really well and why we were doing it (Murrintown)
  • It was helpful to know that God is always there. (Crossabeg)
  • learning what all the gifts of the Spirit meant (Kilmore)
  • to know that there is always God to talk to (Ballymurn)
  • everyone who made us feel welcome (Ballymurn)
  • learning in a fun way (Kennedy Park, Clonard)
  • learning what gifts help you (Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts)


  • The best thing was the song was beautiful and the meditation. 10/10 that’s what I give you.(Kilmuckridge)
  • It was very good; we got to make bracelets, play games, watch parts of movies, have break outside. (Curracloe)
  • I wish it was longer and I wish I could do it again (Curracloe)
  • Great. I would recommend it. (Screen)
  • The teachers were amazing and I’d give it 100%. (Monamolin)
  • I thought it was great and I would love to come again!! (Monamolin)
  • I found it great and I wish it was a yearly thing! (Murrintown)
  • I liked everything!! Kurt is really nice and helpful and the games and stuff were fun.(Crossabeg)
  • I thought everything was very good and I would like to say thank you to Brenda and everybody else. (Kilmore)
  • I loved my time here and I would come back. (Ballymurn)
  • It was really fun but informative and we had a great time. (St. Joseph’s New Ross)
  • It was fun but we still learned things at the same time. (Kennedy Park, Clonard)
  • I think it was a great day. I also think that the activities used to explain the concepts were very helpful and fun. (Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts)
  • I enjoyed the day and I know more about what’s going on. (Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts)
  • What a good day I had. I will never forget this day. (The Faythe)