‘Tis (almost) the Season (IV)

Hello again, friends! Let me share some of the highlights of the week for myself…

On Wednesday afternoon, Molly and I walked over to St. Peter’s to the Christian Media Trust studio to record some Lenten reflection programs. Produced by the always proficient Fr. Dermot on the soundboard and computer, we got our first two programs of Lent recorded. I’ll lead off with the First Sunday of Lent, and Molly’s program follows the next week. Jess and Kurt are the next two weeks, and I’ll do another program for the fifth week of Lent before we all team up for Holy Week and Easter. Tune in every Sunday afternoon throughout Lent at 3:30pm eastern/2:30pm central to Southeast Radio’s online stream to catch our reflections, half-hour programs combining songs, explanation, Scriptures, and prayerful insights.

Molly and I had our fourth-class students up for their rehearsal in the church on Wednesday, the fourth and final of our visits with them to teach them about the mass and the Trinity. Then, on Thursday morning, they came over to lead the mass. They did a beautiful job, especially our little lectors. The kids did tremendously at the microphone. I most enjoyed one of our prayers-of-the-faithful lectors, who read her petition and then eased back onto her heels with widened eyes as the whole congregation spoke the response back to her. Awesome.

Kurt, Jess, and I head up to Dublin this afternoon after lunch with Fr. Denis and Fr. Martin. We’re missing a few of the people who are usually around the table with us on Fridays: Fr. Sean and Sr. Mary will wrap up their visits to family in California and Texas, respectively, to meet Molly in Chicago tonight. Their dignified and humble chauffeur, Steve, will bring them on back to campus, and they’ll conduct interviews for Teach Bhride IV this weekend. Keep those four and our applicants in your prayers this weekend.

  • Steve Warner

    Be sure to have Sean, Mary and Molly tell you of the adventure of getting back to the Bend on Friday night! A story not to be missed!