Christmas Eve Eve

Please sing this blog post to the tune of “O Holy Night.”

On Tuesday eve, the parish was packed full with parents, siblings, and grandparents, too.
They longed to see the junior infant actors perform the story we all know so well.
The orchestra, in their debut performance,* played loud and clear their carols to the crowd.
The choir sang in parts, the actors were the cutest,
the three wise men walked behind a silver star.**
Behold, the joy! The Carol night of KP.***

More Christmas plays are on the horizon, as Children’s Lit does one on Christmas Day.
Mary and Joseph memorized their lines, and when they’re through then in Irish we’ll sing.
The four of us have also been rehearsing, for Jess and I must play the organ soon.
Dan and Kurt must ever, ever cantor!
With Folk Group we’ll sing as well this Christmastide.
Teach Bhride will sing at least five times these coming days!

Let’s not forget all the foods that go with Christmas; it would be wrong to neglect our hosts, as well.
Thursday we lunched on goose, veg, and turducken**** with Bishop Brennan and Denis, our priest.
Some friends from church did join us in our own home, all lavished with our homemade baked goods:
Jess’ gingerbread, with glazing made from lemons,
Chocolate chip were the cookies made by Dan,
Kurt mulled the wine, and I made some cookies, too.

Merry Christmas!

*The members of the orchestra at Kennedy Park have played their instruments since September and did a fantastic job at their carol service on Tuesday.

**Everyone’s favorite song was “Three Kings Were Riding,” because the star and wise men walked in a circle around the holy family, riding invisible camels. During rehearsal, one of the wise men was pretty excited and lapped the girl playing the star. Mrs. Hillis had to remind him that the wise men follow the star. He did a wonderful job on the night.

***Kennedy Park.

****It was actually one dish with goose, turkey, duck, chicken, and stuffing. Turducken goose-stuff? Goosturduckening?