A Week of Classes

A few big things happened this week, all of them exciting beginnings to our work for the rest of the year. Most of them happened in relation to the schools; to that end, please remember that Irish schools have “classes” equivalent to “grades” in the States. So, when I refer to “second-class” children, I mean that they are in the Irish second grade, not that they are superior to the third-class children or inferior to first-class children. Ok, here goes:

1)      Kurt and Jess visited a fifth class at Scoil Mhuire for their first class Mass rehearsal! Their Mass is coming up in a couple of weeks.

2)      Dan and Jess hosted the first of the three CoBCT-AFF sessions on Monday (please see Kurt’s Monday post for the precise meaning of that acronym). IT WENT SO WELL!!! They welcomed 35 adults into the Day Chapel for a conversation about what Christian vocation means. Most of the adults were the parents of second- and sixth-class children who will make their first communion and confirmation, respectively, at the end of the school year.

3)      Dan and I met with the musicians at Kennedy Park and quickly accomplished most of our planning until Christmas. We also met with one of the fifth class’ teachers and scheduled the first Kennedy Park class Mass. It was SO satisfying to cross “meet with teachers” off our to-do list in the office!

We are also excited to welcome our first visitor from the States, Mr. Nowak! Our weekend plans during his visit include venturing out to Hook’s Head. Apart from that, we will continue our ministry with the choirs at Mass. Happy Saturday, everyone!