Called By Name

For those of you who don’t know, my last name sounds like, and is spelled like, the colorful word that is thrown around by the Irish when someone is being annoying, but has not warranted a full-on expletive. This fact has led to many, many conversations about my last name, especially among the Tea Ladies. […]

6 for VI

Once upon a time, a certain House Director-in-Training promised her blog readers that she’d introduce next year’s Teach Bhríde team to you in her next blog post.  That was about two or three posts ago…SORRY!  But, the time has now come, and I am happy to announce the moment you’ve all been waiting for – […]

In Remembrance of He

I was reflecting a couple days ago on the importance of memory to a person of faith. The theme is given a lot of attention throughout the Old testament in discussing the relationship the people of Israel ought to have to God. For instance, Deuteronomy says, “watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget […]


As music ministers, Ben, Cameron, Joy, and I are rarely caught without a song at the ready, words and melodies spilling out easily whenever we’re asked to sing. Much of our work throughout this coming year in Clonard will call on us to use this gift, to share our voices readily and joyfully, and to […]