For Every Storm, A Rainbow

True-life story – I’m sitting in the middle of Panera Bread back in my hometown laughing out loud at my three drafts (a.k.a. failed attempts) of a “last blog” I began weeks ago in Ireland.  As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it there.  How did my two years of […]

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

As Mary communicated in her last blog, our Thanksgiving celebrations over the past week were amplified by the surprise visit of Steve and Michele Warner to Wexford. We were ecstatic just to be in their presence and enjoy their company, but they were also of immeasurable help as we prepared and hosted a Thanksgiving dinner […]

Weird & Wonderful Weekend

It’s been another packed weekend at the Teach! Of course, for a little over a month now, “packed weekend” has meant “we have lots of fun things to do with friends,” not so much “retreats and workshops and rehearsals” like earlier in the year. But this was a strange weekend for a few reasons. First, […]

Polyglots and Turkeys

It seems like I’ve been speaking a lot of different languages lately (or at least singing them). Last Thursday night, Nicole and I attended a workshop with Liam Lawton, where we sang his new Irish Mass setting. Guess what it’s called? Aifreann Muire na nGael! For those of you who don’t speak Irish, that’s “Mass […]