This past weekend, each member of Teach Bhríde had the opportunity to speak at one weekend Mass to thank the members of Clonard Parish. Fr. Denis and the parish members blessed us and sent us forth as we near the end of our service year. I thought I’d share with you what we shared with […]

Weird & Wonderful Weekend

It’s been another packed weekend at the Teach! Of course, for a little over a month now, “packed weekend” has meant “we have lots of fun things to do with friends,” not so much “retreats and workshops and rehearsals” like earlier in the year. But this was a strange weekend for a few reasons. First, […]

A Weekend of Good Craic (and bad puns)

Well, the weekend has been packed with fun things and spending time with lots of friends! Last Thursday I went to our friend Stasia’s house for an impromptu session with her trad group – one of my favorite things to do! Even after living here for nearly two years, I am still amazed at how […]

Ministry of Presence

Last week, I went with Sr. Alma to lead teacher in-services on Meditation with Children at two different primary schools in Co. Wexford. During these in-services, we explain what Christian Meditation is (in both the John Main and Thomas Keating traditions), talk about its benefits and fruits, lead a couple of short meditations, and give […]

All Saints of Ireland

In keeping with the trend of naming posts after feast days, I’d like to wish you all a happy All Saints of Ireland day! The readings I read in my Magnificat app this morning were quite different from those I read and heard at Mass this morning. The first reading came from Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus, […]

Mysteries A-Plenty

Nicole and I took on a task bigger than we’d speculated when we decided to take on a Joyful Mysteries of the rosary Service for the 3rd class students of Kennedy Park Primary School. We’d imagined every child as having their own ‘job’ and everything flowing as smoothly and effortlessly as a piece of satin […]

We’re here!

We’re here! “But wait,” you’re thinking, “haven’t you been there for a while now?” You’re right: we’ve been living and working and becoming part of the Clonard Parish community for about 7 weeks. We’ve been sent off in liturgical style from the University of Notre Dame, and welcomed with endless hospitality on this side of […]