6 for VI

Once upon a time, a certain House Director-in-Training promised her blog readers that she’d introduce next year’s Teach Bhríde team to you in her next blog post.  That was about two or three posts ago…SORRY!  But, the time has now come, and I am happy to announce the moment you’ve all been waiting for – […]

Domeward Bound

I know, I know – you’ve all been going crazy waiting for this week’s blog post.  I apologize that I couldn’t get it up sooner.  However, I’d like to think that my excuse is a valid one.  After all, I’ve been spending the entire week back in South Bend, and I am a tad bit […]

Two Pictures of Prayer

Greetings! I’m very new to the experience of doing full-time ministry, and am still transitioning from the student’s role of chiefly receiving and learning from others. That might be reflected in today’s post, which is two short stories about my being inspired and moved by the faithful prayer of the people around me, those in our […]


As music ministers, Ben, Cameron, Joy, and I are rarely caught without a song at the ready, words and melodies spilling out easily whenever we’re asked to sing. Much of our work throughout this coming year in Clonard will call on us to use this gift, to share our voices readily and joyfully, and to […]

Fare Thee Well

(From 2 July 2013) We have spent the entire week saying goodbye. Saturday evening, we celebrated a beautiful and emotional Mass: it was Fr. Martin Doyle’s last Mass as curate of Clonard Parish. He has served here for 14 years, and is taking a sabbatical to study in California before his next assignment. I can […]

Mary Christmas and a Joy-ful New Year!

As we journey through our last month, I keep getting waves of sadness about leaving this wonderful place and all the friends we’ve made this year. I’ve been trying to focus on how I’m excited to go home and see my family! And eat Arby’s! And give my dog a hug! But I’ve still been […]