Winding Down

When we were preparing to start our year with Teach Bhride last summer, members of past Teach Bhride teams all told us the same thing: the second half of the year passes in the blink of an eye, and before you know it it’s June, your work is suddenly nearly done, and it’s time to […]

We Have Been Anointed

As liturgical musicians, Joy, Cameron, Ben, and I get to witness the tremendous power of music day after day. The right song can help a room full of shy 4th-graders loosen up and get excited to sing and learn. It can help a mourning family put words to a grief too deep to express. It […]

A Love That Calls Us Home

One of my favorite things about being a Catholic is getting to move through the liturgical year, every year walking with the whole Church community through seasons of grief and joy, of darkness and light, of trial and of triumph. Through my life, I’ve found often found points of convergence between my own personal journey […]

Light in the Darkness

For years, I’ve gotten accustomed to finding joy in the most unexpected of places and mundane of moments, but I can safely say that I never could have predicted the pure and unbridled delight I would feel today upon hearing the perfectly ordinary sound of a lawnmower. It seems a strange sound to prompt a […]

Shine a Light

When we were preparing to come to Ireland five months ago, we were warned that January might be a bit of a “down” time in Wexford. Thanks to shorter days, grayer weather, post-Christmas blues, and – supposedly – not too much work to do, this was supposed to be a month of warding off homesickness […]

Happy Christmas from Teach Bhríde!

Throughout the past month as Cameron, Ben, Joy, and I were approaching our first Christmas away from home, hardly a day went by that someone didn’t ask, “Is it very hard being so far from home for Christmas?” Truth be told, we’ve all had moments of homesickness, but it’s hard to be too terribly sad […]

Surprised by Joy

Some of you, dear readers, may have noticed that it’s been over a week since our last blog post. The fault lies entirely with me, but I hope I may somewhat excuse myself by explaining that I have recently been gloriously and overwhelmingly surprised by joy. Throughout the past month, I have been time and […]


Yay! Last Sunday at mass, the members of Teach Bhride were struggling. We had typed up the wrong lyrics to one of the hymns in the powerpoint that parishioners follow to sing along with the choir. One of our microphone stands had just broken, and the other mic was giving off terrible screeching feedback that […]

Sensuum Defectui

When you tell people you’re moving to Ireland for a year, one of the questions that often comes up is, “Is the grass there really as green as they say?” And, indeed, Ireland most certainly lives up to its nickname as the Emerald Isle: the grass here is green enough to put all other greens […]