Another “normal” week

This week was another busy one for the House of Brigid. One highlight was our experience of recording two radio shows, presented by the Christian Media Trust, which is offering a series of reflections on Lent from both the Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland. The four of us talked about what Lent means […]

sometimes news is good news!

Check out this article recently published in The Irish Catholic as part of an 8-page feature on the parishes of Wexford town! Many thanks to the Irish Catholic for allowing us to share this article with you all. Other than our busy press conference schedule (just kidding…), we’ve been keeping our days full of preparations […]

Ordinary Time…

This week has seen the homecomings of Patrick, Clarisa, and myself, and a few visitors as Notre Dame’s Christmas break wraps up. It’s also been the week where things have started to return to normal after the interruptions by the weather and the holidays. School schedules have resumed, the parish is running on all cylinders, […]

‘Tis the Season…

Now that the snow’s gone, we’ve had a busy week, finally catching up with all that was postponed while the ground was covered with snow/slush/ice. Kennedy Park had near-daily rehearsals for their Christmas Carol service, which is coming up on Tuesday. Scoil Mhuire also had rehearsals, and then the actual carol service on Friday. Which, […]

Clarisa’s Monday Post, Continued

…that’s right, we’re still snowed in. Some or all of us made it to the parish nearly every day, but the busiest I’ve been this week is crossing things off my calendar. With the schools closed and many parish events cancelled, we’ve found ourselves with many hours to fill…with CHRISTMAS MOVIES, which are the greatest […]


This week was as near as possible to a “normal” week for us. Our time in Paris didn’t seem to leave us too behind on work, which meant that in addition to teaching Christmas carols to the most hyper group of kids ever, we had time to begin some Advent planning in earnest. Our liturgies […]