The title of this post comes from one of the Superbowl commentators who took us through the game last night (okay, maybe he took some of us only through the first quarter…kickoff wasn’t until 11:30 PM). Overseas channels showing American football tend to get some second-string guys giving the play-by-plays, much to our endless (and […]

Only fools rush in…

We had a special visitor yesterday: John Calcutt, one of the founding board members of the House of Brigid, was in Europe on business and made a side trip to Wexford. He came to Mass in Clonard (although later than he’d planned, thanks to a flat tire), and then joined us at the house for […]

With glowing hearts…

This past weekend, and really the entire week preceding, have been jam-packed full of holiday goodness. We’ve had our fair share of work–at least two of us were at each of Clonard’s six Christmas Masses–but we’ve also filled these last days with some of the best examples of hospitality I could have hoped for. We’ve […]

“For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.”

This day last week, the four of us spent our regular evening prayer time reflecting on the work that we’ve accomplished so far this year. We’ve now passed the quarter-year mark for our stay here in Ireland, and so we took time to examine where we’ve been and where we’re still going. I find it […]

Joy in the Spirit

One of the key “tactics” that the House of Brigid has always employed is getting to parents through their children. It’s always amazing to see how many parents, many of whom would normally be uncomfortable in a church setting, turn up when their children have a role to play in Class Masses. The years when […]


Today was the first Class Mass for Kennedy Park School, and Molly and Dan brought up one of the fifth classes to the church to offer another Mass for Mary in this month of the rosary. The kids all did a great job with their respective roles, and a good number of parents turned up […]