Worlds colliding

We’ve nearly come to the end of a wonderful five days with the Notre Dame Folk Choir. We’ve worked these poor kids pretty hard, but they’ve accepted every event and every last-minute change with great grace. It was great to have a reminder of why it is we do what we’re doing and to remember […]

Confirmation Affirmations

With our parish’s Confirmations safely behind us, and our wrap-up sessions tonight and tomorrow, and only about 2 more weeks’ worth of Confirmations left in the Diocese, I thought this was a good time to take a look back over some of the feedback we got from participants in our Confirmation retreats this year. At […]


Molly mentioned a couple of posts ago that I shared a reflection with the community gathered for our last ACE Mass in Dublin. I’d like to share that with you all now as part of our continuing process of preparing ourselves to take leave of this place: When John and Elaine asked me to give […]

Back into action…

After our busy and beautiful Triduum weekend, the four of us took a week to rest and recover. This meant that we scattered in different directions, and we reunited this afternoon over a panful of Dan’s delicious shepherd’s pie. We talked a bit about our various adventures from the break, and also started to look […]

Looking towards Easter…

We’re looking ahead at a week full of liturgy. The schools are closed for mid-term break, so some of our responsibilities are on hiatus, but we seem to have enough liturgies coming up to make up for all of it. Tomorrow evening we’ll travel to Enniscorthy to be present at the Diocese’s Chrism Mass. Wednesday […]

Back to Normalcy…

We’ve started our week on a lovely, relaxing note, as today is a bank holiday here in Ireland. We don’t currently have any visitors, and we don’t have any Confirmation retreats until Saturday, so we’re looking forward to getting back to the office and having a somewhat normal work week! We’ve got lots of things […]

Walkin’ on Sunshine

We’re in the midst now of a string of GORGEOUS spring days. Daffodils are out in full force, and cherry blossoms are starting to make themselves known, too. Lucky for us, then, that we’ve had commitments at Ballyvaloo retreat centre* for 5 of the last 7 days. Run by the St. John of God sisters […]