Friends, After seventeen hours of travel by bus, plane, train, and automobile; last night I arrived at my house back at New Berlin, Wisconsin. I was welcomed by the open arms of my parents, a loving attack from our dog Daisy, a delicious meal with friends and family, and finally, the comfort of my bed. […]

Ben learned how to make videos.

Hey folks, This past Tuesday and Wednesday, Joy, Laura, Brigid, and myself ventured up to the Mourne Mountains with Fr. James and Sr. Mary and had an incredible time. The trip consisted of beautiful scenic drives, hikes, delicious food, a run-in with a rather outspoken atheist named Phil, Fr. James’ attempt at teaching us how […]

April Showers Bring…

On the first of February we celebrated the feast of St. Brigid. And I told you that Spring had come to Ireland. I was wrong. Spring has NOW come to Ireland, with yellow furze covering almost every fallow field, pink wildflowers dotting the road sides, and every other hour filled with cold rain drops (or […]

It’s That Time of Year

THE WEEK YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR HAS ARRIVED. THE THIRD ANNUAL CLONARD PASSION PLAY. (Last year was a Resurrection Play, but you get the idea.)   Emily Puscas (now Toole) wrote our first Passion Play in year four of Teach Bhríde. This year, Joy has revised her script and we are presenting this […]

Mission and the Kitchen

Friends, Within the first week of landing on the Emerald Isle, I discovered that I would need to be cooking once a week for my fellow housemates. For most, this would not be a problem. For me, I was terrified. When I was living in an apartment during my senior year at Marquette University, my […]

The three men I met this week

10am Mass at Clonard, while normally in our intimate Day Chapel with its stunning stained glass depiction of the Annunciation and (semi-)internationally renowned St. Brigid tapestry, has moved to the Main Church. During Lent early Mass attendance increases and we therefore switch locations. While accommodating, this inevitably separates us; with all that extra space, we […]

The Latest From Dublin

Well, everyone, as our slow pace of blog posts might suggest, it’s been quite the busy semester here in Dublin so far! We’ve seen lots of exciting changes to our day-to-day schedule since we first told you what it is we do here in Teach Bhride’s newest community, so we thought we’d get back in […]

The Big Day

So this is it, folks. The big week. February 14th is here! So much chocolate. So many flowers. And they are all here for one reason… The birthday of my wonderful mother. Yep, that’s right, just thirty-or-something years ago on this fine day my mom was introduced to the world and she’s just as beautiful […]

Brigid brings the Spring!

When Joy sent me a list of my intended ‘ministries’ last summer, undoubtedly the one I was most excited for was the Celebration of St Brigid. Brigid is my confirmation saint, she is the patron of this program and all of Ireland. She is a pretty incredible woman, and it was a honor to spend […]


Within about 20 seconds of meeting me, you will realize that I’m a pretty talkative person.  I love to chat. I get excited when I meet new people, and I tend to not stop doing this weird talky-show-dance combination when I get really excited.  So, it may be surprising to hear that I was a […]