Business as Unusual

This week was another typical week in the House of Brigid, in that it was anything but typical. We rarely have what anyone could call a “normal” week, given the propensity for last-minute meetings and liturgies to crop up on any given day. Our American need for advanced planning and imposed order has definitely gone […]

Running on All Cylinders

This week marked the completion of what has been a gradual return to normalcy after the holiday season. This past Sunday afternoon, the four of us sat in our living room for a two-hour Family Meeting, talking about things we’ve done, things we’ve learned, and things we’d still like to do ministerially during our remaining […]

♫ Allllll Byyyyyy Myyyyselllllllfffff ♫♪

♪…I’m in the teach…alllllll byyyyyy myyyysellllllfffffffff… ♫♩ …at least for the next few days anyway. This will literally be the first night I’ve spent alone in this house. Where did everyone go, you ask? Well, the Teach Bhríde crew decided to embrace the Irish custom of going on holiday after the holidays, because, as everyone […]

Teach Bhríde in Galway

Tomorrow we set out for Galway, where we have been invited to offer an afternoon of prayer and reflection on the season of Advent at Bearna parish. We will be reflecting on Advent as a journey of faith: our journey toward Christmas, toward God, and God’s journey toward us in the Incarnation. After a week […]

Grand soft days are neither grand nor soft. Discuss.

I am sitting in bed, cup of coffee within easy reach (Irish living hasn’t converted me to an exclusive relationship with tea), watching the rain lash sideways against the windows, listening to the wind howl. Usually when it’s rainy, people here call it a “grand soft day,” but there’s nothing grand or soft about this […]

Peace and Quiet

Or at least peace, anyway. This week was the first time since we arrived in Ireland that our work schedule was less than hectic, causing Patrick to dub this week “Detox” on our office whiteboard. It was great to have some time to breathe after Sunday’s workshop, and this lighter week gave us a chance […]