Slán Go Fóill!

It’s Biz here with one last post from House of Brigid Dublin this year! Emma and Geoff have both left the house and so it’s me going solo for the next few weeks in Harolds Cross. The past few weeks have been filled with teary goodbyes to them and to our lovely little home and […]

Become Like Children

Greetings from Harolds Cross! This past week has been filled with excitement and anticipation for the second classes’ First Penance this past Tuesday. After weeks of memorizing prayers and examining their consciences, the students all gathered in the church for the big moment. The service went exceptionally well! The children and their parents were reverent and […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s officially the Christmas season here in Dublin and boy, have we been busy! In the past month, House of Brigid Dublin has traveled to Amsterdam, run two or three more catechesis sessions for our First Communion and Confirmation programs, we all have gone on our own respective trips (Emma and her sister to London […]