More lasts…

We’re feeling the end of the year come up ever more quickly as we say goodbye in little ways to groups we’ve been involved with and people we’ve come to love. This past weekend was the last Mass of the season for the Family Liturgy Group, whose choir Clarisa and Carolyn have been working with all year. We’re also getting ready to wrap up our work in the schools: Patrick and I went to Kennedy Park yesterday to get the information we need to put together the Powerpoint for their end-of-year prayer service. What was meant to be a five-minute visit turned into an hour-long one, because we were invited to the recital that was about to be presented by the recorder group and the school choir. Like we have been all year, we were welcomed fully into the school community, and got to see and hear a wonderful performance by these students.

We’re preparing now for our last weekend of liturgies at Clonard with the Vigil Choir and Folk Group, so keep us in your prayers as we prepare to say goodbye to so many more of our favorite people!

  • Melinda Mannen

    Are we going to hear from the four of you one last time??