Beginning of the End

As Clarisa noted on Monday, we’ve sort of entered into our last chapter for the year, starting to say some goodbyes and filling our days with “lasts.” This week held our last liturgy planning session, as well as our last Class Mass. One of the Kennedy Park fifth classes led the usual daily Mass congregation in a Mass honoring Our Lady, which included a May crowning as part of the offertory procession. The parishioners and visiting priest seemed to really enjoy this Mass, and I think it meant a lot to many of them to see the kids honoring Mary, who has a special place in many of their hearts.

This weekend, the Vigil Choir and Folk Group will come together to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fr. Martin Doyle’s ordination to the priesthood. We’ve been working on the music for this special Mass for several weeks now, and are really looking forward to helping to celebrate this special day. Fr. Martin has been one of our biggest supporters from the beginning, coordinating our retreats and helping to guide the spiritual formation of the community. We’re so glad to be able to share this special time with him, and hope that his next 25 years are as blessed as these have been!