Snowed In!

Hey folks!

Not a whole lot to report here because Wexford was hit with snow on Friday night and we’ve pretty much been snowed in ever since. Apparently last year’s snow around the New Year was the first Wexford had seen in several years so no one was really prepared and everything pretty much stopped. It appears they might have thought it was a freak one time thing because Friday night’s snow was more than they received all of last winter and because no one is really used to driving in the snow, most all activities and school have been cancelled ever since.

But we’re doing just fine! Thank God for Thanksgiving leftovers (we’ve become masters at finding new ways to eat our leftover mashed potatoes), Carolyn’s massive DVD collection and a fun and talented community to laugh and jam out with until the wee hours of the morning 🙂

It's no South Bend snow but it's big stuff for us here in Wexford!
  • Steve Warner

    Well, gang, I think we sent Carolyn back safely from the Midwest! I hope you’re all well and staying snug and warm – I think ND got as much snow as Wexford in the past few days.

    We had lessons and carols this evening – and you would’ve been so proud of your choir! They sang a beautiful rendition of the Biebl “Ave Maria.”

    Take care, all of you! See you in two months!