This Post Should be Read with an Irish Accent

The last few days have been a whirlwind of unpacking, recovering from jet lag, familiarizing ourselves with town, and getting acquainted with Irish accents.  I think the latter is taking a little longer than the other three, and for now Clarisa, Jess, and I mostly just smile and nod.  Based on Carolyn’s progress over the past year however, I’m confident that we’ll eventually get there.  All in all, the transition has been unbelievably smooth to this point thanks to the generosity and hospitality of the members and staff of Clonard Church of the Annunciation.  Many thanks to them for everything so far.  Also, a great deal of thanks should go out to Carolyn for showing us around Wexford for these first few days.  The locals probably think we look like baby ducks following her around everywhere; but it is definitely nice to have someone who knows where she is going.  As I write this post we are on the Wexford Bus to Dublin, where we will be joining with the ACE community for our first liturgy together this year.  I think we are all pretty excited to get started.

  • Susan Duffey

    Sounds like great experiences already. Love to all from Austin. -Mom and Dad