I’m starting to run out of titles…

On Wednesday, we had two “lasts.” The first was our last confirmation retreat, which was also the first post-confirmation retreat for the House of Brigid. At about 66 students, it was probably one of our largest crowds, but they were absolutely fantastic, and extremely well-behaved. I sometimes worry about leading small groups of 6th-class students, especially when they are sorted randomly and I only have a day to try to get to know them and establish a good small-group dynamic, but this last time was a breeze and required almost no work from myself. It was definitely a strong note to end on for our work with the Diocesan Retreat Team.

Our second last this Wednesday was my last meeting with the Ferns’ Liturgy Group, which focused mostly on looking forward to next year and to the final implementation of the website I’ve been working on for them. Now the final layout and formatting is completed, and most of their resources are being processed, formatted, and uploaded. While learning HTML and CSS (website stuff) has had a huge learning curve, and trying to keep it as inexpensive as possible and still professional has had its challenges, it has been a great skill to learn and it’s something I’ll be able to do well into the future. Here’s the website if you want to take a look: www.fernsliturgy.com.

In other news, on Wednesday night Emily went with our friend Donal to visit another parish’s youth group, talk to the parents and students involved with it, and see what they could learn for implementing something similar here. I will leave most of it until next week for Emily to talk about (since she was here), but consider it a teaser of what’s to come.