Business As Usual…

For the first time in a long time, this last week has pretty much been business as usual, a nice change from the hectic pace of the Lenten season. We’ve each have been focusing on our own areas of work and catching up after a week off, out and about. This week I’ve been focusing on rebuilding and refining the website for the Fern’s Liturgy Group. Something I’ve found with learning HTML and CSS (what the information is and what makes it look pretty, respectively), is that if you don’t use it, you lose it, so this week has also included a lot of relearning how to do things and what all the fun code lines mean.

My other housemates have been busy as well. Emily worked on some of the final loose ends with the You Shall Be My Witnesses programme as we are approaching Confirmations and the final session of it. Nicole, most valiantly, has tackled our music library and putting it back in check after the piles of sheet music had built up over Holy Week. Finally, Molly gave two workshops at different schools in the county on a new programme in Ireland: Meditation with Children. If you remember, last fall, we all attended a presentation on the programme, which introduces silent, meditative prayer into the schools as part of their weekly routine. Finally, on Friday we traveled to Dublin for our month Mass with the Ace in Ireland community, and a good hearty dinner of lasagna and apple tart.

So, there hasn’t been too much out of the ordinary this week, but this year I’ve learned that regularity is not regular at all, but a rare gift to catch one’s breath, clean one’s desk, and wonder how the last seven and a half months have flown by so fast.