New Year, New Plans

What a week! It seems as though not much has happened, and yet I feel like we’ve been busy every minute. How does that work?

Well, it’s because we’ve spent the week getting things in order for the Spring and starting back up, even though we haven’t had many big events yet. We have some workshops coming up – a parish workshop in New Ross on Thursday and a diocesan music workshop in a couple weeks. We’re starting to get things ready for Clonard’s St. Brigid Day celebration. We’re meeting with Kennedy Park and Scoil Mhuire to get the spring timeline going.

Emily and Nick jumped right back in with the Parent Leader training nights for the Confirmation You Shall Be My Witnesses programme. They finished up the second one last night, and next week the parents from Kennedy Park will begin their journey with the Confirmation class! I have been very grateful for the Coordination Team for that programme this year. They are parents who participated in the programme last year, and they ran the majority of the training in small groups with the new parent leaders. Everyone agreed that the new model for training made the new parents much more comfortable with the role they had agreed to take on.

Last Friday, were back in Dublin for the first ACE Mass of the new year. We have been joining in that community’s Year of Faith discussions about church documents published around Vatican II. On Friday, everyone shared a moment when they had clearly seen God’s grace active in their lives over the holidays. Memories of family, prayer, and experiences of community touched each one of us. It struck the four of us this week that in returning to Wexford, we returned home.

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