Signing Off…

This will be the last blog post for this year of Teach Bhride. Kurt, Molly, Dan, and myself have started the process of dispersing, heading in various directions to meet up with family and friends before departing Ireland for good. Molly, of course, will be back, leading a new group of volunteers, who will continue what we’ve worked on and expand the House of Brigid’s ministry in some wonderful new ways. I’m pretty excited about some of the things Molly has started to plan over this last month, so tune back into the blog in August to catch up with how all of that pans out!

It’s been a wonderful experience to serve for these two years in Wexford. I’ve been blown away time and time again by the overwhelming generosity of those who have allowed us to make our home here. These past weeks of “last hurrahs” have served to remind me that it has taken a whole community to make the House of Brigid possible, and it’s become increasingly difficult to enumerate all the people who I should thank for the ways they’ve made our life here not only possible, but blessed.

In closing, I want to say a word of thanks to Kurt, Dan, and Molly. These three incredible people have served so selflessly this year, leaving much behind and setting much aside to give of themselves where they saw a need. They’ve all taken on work that mightn’t have been their preference and persevered through frustrations, all the while becoming a beautifully integrated part of the life of the parish. It has been an honor to be the house director for this community, and I wish all three of them the best as we go our separate ways.

So to my three former housemates and co-workers, and to all in Wexford who have made this parish home for us: Until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

  • Karen Masterton

    May you enjoy a wonderful new experience back at Notre Dame. Best wishes in all you do.