Whew… ready for the weeks ahead

Good morning!

My apologies for not writing yesterday, but I’m here now… just without much to write about. I looked at our calendar for inspiration, but in a rare moment of blank-ness there isn’t much on it! There was a bank holiday yesterday, Kennedy Park is on break for two days, Scoil Mhuire for the entire week, there isn’t anything Confirmation related going on, no radio shows to record… what are we to do?

Luckily, the answer comes in the form of a certain choir tour to a certain country happening in roughly two weeks! From advertising to host families to liturgy planning, we’re working on making the University of Notre Dame Folk Choir’s visit to Clonard one that is memorable both for the choir and for the people of the Diocese of Ferns. It also provides us once more with an opportunity to share our home – Clonard Parish – with the people and the music through which the four of us found our home while at Notre Dame. Worlds colliding much? A very beautiful thing. And even that is quite the understatement.

Here’s to a wonderful week!

God Bless,