Looking towards Easter…

We’re looking ahead at a week full of liturgy. The schools are closed for mid-term break, so some of our responsibilities are on hiatus, but we seem to have enough liturgies coming up to make up for all of it. Tomorrow evening we’ll travel to Enniscorthy to be present at the Diocese’s Chrism Mass. Wednesday will be a big rehearsal day as we polish up Triduum services with three separate choirs. On Thursday, the family liturgy group and our Vigil Choir will join forces for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. We’ll help out with three (yep) different services on Good Friday, and lead the alleluias at the Easter Vigil. Two more Masses on Easter Sunday, and we’ll make our way back to the Teach to share a meal and kick off what will hopefully be a relaxing break week.

It goes without saying that Holy Week is a beautiful and significant time of year, but I think it takes on some added significance when you’re on an academic-year schedule. For me, Easter has always marked the “beginning of the end” of any given school year. It seems that good-byes and departures are just around the corner. This is a time to think about transitions, from Jesus’ most extraordinary transition from death to life to our own smaller transitions into new jobs and studies.

Keep us in your Holy Week prayers as we complete this journey to Easter together!