It’s Monday

I know Dan titled his last post “BIG Week,” but I’m tempted to title this one “BIGGER Week!” I’ll refrain, however, for the sake of not engaging in superlative war, though I will say that if the past two days are any indication, it will be a HUGE week.

Yes, sometimes I do use too many commas, and create long, complex, run-on sentences, but I’m trying to get better.

Translation: Lots of stuff going on this week, beginning with the first two days.

Yesterday (Sunday, and Monday comes after) was our normal Sunday morning at Clonard, with Jess and Molly assisting with the Children’s Liturgy Group, the 4 of us in with the Folk Choir, and Dan taking on PowerPoint manning duties at the 9:00. Immediately after the 11:15 Mass, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to Ballyvaloo to give our second workshop of the year. We chose music associated with the Eucharist, with an eye toward the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin this upcoming June. We had a decent turnout, and enjoyed chatting with the various participants at the tea break midway through.

Today was our midyear review at Fr. Denis’ and our first chance to sit together with the 4 of us, Fr. Denis, Fr. Martin, Fr. Sean, and Sr. Mary in the same room and discuss all our work that has taken place over the past 6 months. It feels great to be able to work together to improve on the various issues that have arisen since we arrived 6 months ago, as well as continue to look toward the future with an eager eye – which happens to include a Notre Dame Folk Choir visit in May… and a new season of Teach Bhride-ers! I will leave the honor to Molly for the introductions on Friday, but we have been praying for both the newbies and those who graciously applied and interviewed.

Well, I’m about ready to call it a night and head to bed, in anticipation of 3 (Count ’em, 3!) Confirmation retreats in 4 days at Ballyvaloo. We’re lucky (blessed, really) that it is a beautiful setting for a retreat, and that we get to work with 6th Classes from around the diocese. We’ll be working with children from Curracloe, Screen, and Monamolin parishes the next several days, so keep all of us in your prayers! Know that you all are in ours, as always.

God Bless,