The usual Monday

Good Morning!

I’m sitting here to blog at the end of what has been becoming a usual Monday for us. It is not usual in the sense that there were only 3 of us in the house today, as Molly is just wrapping up her set of interviews for next year’s Teach Bhrider’s at Notre Dame with Fr. Sean and Sr. Mary. (I don’t want to slight Molly at all, since that would be a rather poor joke to make – that it felt usual with her absence. Interviewing and selecting people for next year is a very important task, which requires her absence from us. We are looking forward both to getting her back, and also to hear about next year’s crew!)

After daily Mass, we did some planning for our upcoming workshop on Eucharistic music (with an eye toward the International Eucharistic Congress, to be held in Dublin in June) before Jess and I hosted a 5th class from Scoil Mhuire for a rehearsal. They will be assisting with the daily Mass on Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.

Monday is the night for the parish Confirmation preparatory program – You Shall Be My Witnesses, and tonight was week #2 for Kennedy Park. After making one of my specialties for dinner (a pork/cheese/salsa/rice casserole), we headed off to the church to fulfill our respective roles – Dan and Jess as coordinators, and myself as a parent leader (of sorts). Kennedy Park had a late need for one more person to co-lead a small group, and so I’ve found myself leading the “Purple” group along with another parent. Except that tonight my co-leader was absent, so I had to figure out on the fly how to do everything myself. Everything worked out well, but oh, the joys of being flexible…

Please keep in your prayers all that interviewed for Teach Bhride Season IV over the weekend, and for those who are discerning their choice. And if you could, please add an extra prayers for all those preparing to receive Confirmation in the next several months, and for those directing that preparation.

Have a beautiful evening, and God Bless,

  • Molly

    You had Pork Cheesus Rice??? I’ll need to try the new variation before the year is out!