AAtB! (Acronyms are the best!)

You have probably spent a good amount of time wondering, “How many acronymns could someone could possibly fit into one HoB1 blog post?” (That counts as one.) The answer? Probably more than are in this post. Read on.

Monday marked the first KPYSBMW2 night. This year the community centre, rather than the school, is the place to be for the Confirmation classes of Kennedy Park and Scoil Mhuire. The kids gathered outside the gym, eager to discover which groups they were in, as JaF3 raced to set up 12-chair circles and labeled them with a myriad of colors. The night went very smoothly, and both parent leaders and kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Stay tuned for next week’s first SMYSBMW4 night.

Tuesday, the eve of St. Brigid’s feast day, held three hours of SMSBSST5. One class level at a time arrived for St. Brigid education and split into three groups. Jess led them through the Brigid tapestry in the Day Chapel, Kurt guided them through the sacred space on the altar in the main church, and I helped them explore the symbols in the icon that usually hangs on the wall of our house. They learned about patron saints, named the four elements, and loved the stories about St. Brigid. By the end of the day, our voices were tired. Good thing we can get our throats blessed today!

Wednesday held our first meeting at CITWC6. Fr. Denis introduced us to a contact there at lunch last week, so this week we ventured down the hill to the campus and met some of the student activity coordinators. We discovered that, even in Ireland, college campuses still do things pretty quickly: by the end of the meeting, we had set a date for an event next week! Dan is, as I write, putting together a Taizé meditation service to help frazzled college students center themselves before midterm exams. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a good relationship with CITWC!

Last night, Jess and I hosted an FLGJS7 in our home. The parent leaders of the group gathered in our living room, sat around the fire Kurt had built, sang some of our suggestions for new Lenten repertoire, and feasted on the desserts Jess baked. It was a good evening of mutual learning and sweet treats. And then we welcomed one Raquel Falk for a weekend visit!

Thanks for checking into the TBB8! We’re about to head off to LaFD9. HaGW10!

1 House of Brigid
2 Kennedey Park “You Shall Be My Witnesses”
3 Jess and Friends
4 Scoil Mhuire “You Shall Be My Witnesses”
5 Scoil Mhuire St. Brigid Sacred Space Tours
6 Carlow Institute of Technology, Wexford Campus (pronounced “sit-wick”).
7 Family Liturgy Group Jam Session
8 Teach Bhríde Blog
9 Lunch at Fr. Denis’
10 Have a Good Weekend!