Good Morning, and Happy Monday!

Good Morning!

If you’re reading this, then:

1) You’re alive!
2) You’re awake!
3) You know how to read!

If you were having any sort of trouble counting your blessings recently, hopefully that will help you get off to a good start. It has been a good, albeit cold and cloudy, Monday here in Wexford, and the day has seen us preparing for both the St. Brigid’s celebration to come in two weeks, and the first meeting for the parent leaders of the Confirmation program, set to get underway in 15 minutes with Dan and Jess leading the way. This past weekend was a very nice and simple one for us. We were hosted by the O’Connell House in Dublin for their monthly ACE Mass and gathering on Friday evening, with transportation provided by our friend Fr. John-Paul Sheridan, and then were with our Vigil Choir for Saturday evening Mass, before being hosted by our friend Therese for an evening at her house. On Sunday, since both the Children’s Liturgy group and the Folk Group were on hiatus, we each took a Mass apiece to assist with the responses, and then returned home. We are still very much in gear-up mode for Confirmation – beginning with training the parents from Scoil Mhuire and Kennedy Park, who will lead groups of children through the Confirmation preparation program, but also continuing with fine-tuning our retreat plan with the Diocesan Retreat Team on Wednesday, in anticipation of many Confirmation retreats for schools throughout the Diocese. All in all, as my dad would say, “Great stuff!” I’m greatly looking forward to seeing all of these in action!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday, and God Bless,