Everything’s Just Ducky

And now for your bi-weekly Irish weather report: today is, as they say here, gorgeous weather for ducks.

After a weekend full of events, we’ve had a week full of event-planning. We’ve started to prepare 5th classes for their Masses in both Kennedy Park and Scoil Mhuire. Dan and I visited the class for the first time yesterday. The kids all sang wonderfully, especially since most of them were learning the songs for the first time! I am continually impressed by how easy it seems to be for people here to learn by ear. We also discovered that 10- and 11-year-olds in Ireland keep up with the NFL, as they were eager to ask Dan which teams he supports. Even as I write, Jess and Kurt are meeting with their next class at Scoil Mhuire. Jess and I have also been in the schools to prepare for the Christmas carol services at each.  On Tuesday, I was able to spend a few minutes after the main choir rehearsal with the Junior Infant class (4- and 5- year olds) as they danced to a song about the three kings, and as they learned about the letter M. I felt very fortunate to have my name, because they were all excited that it begins with “Mmmmmm!”

We are also hard at work on catechetical resources for parents, especially those whose children will be baptized or receive their first Eucharist soon. We have even begun to think of confirmation retreats for parents and their kids – it’s that time, even though confirmations aren’t until May! On Wednesday, we touched base with the Ferns Liturgy Group. They are planning an evening discussion on the new translation of the Roman Missal for Advent. In preparation for THAT upcoming liturgical season, we also began recording a new radio reflection series this week. And today, we are ready for another bus up to Dublin for the November ACE community Mass there. We’ll bring some visitors back with us on the bus tonight!

Of course, there were other events to enjoy this week, especially Kurt’s birthday (or, as I like to call it, Happy Kurtday)! We celebrated in style with dinner, funfetti cake, and ice cream, and an evening out on the town. Needless to say, the birthday cake went to delicious dessert heaven pretty quickly. We do not waste time cleaning up the kitchen.